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Alexis Strum - Cocoon LP

Alexis Strum’s long-lost album Cocoon is finally out! Blending electronic and acoustic sounds, with credits from Billy Steinberg (Madonna) and Pascal Gabriel (Dido, Kylie), this pop gem is not to be missed!

Out now on purple and white vinyl.

LP Tracklist:
A1. World Without Your Love
A2. Bad Haircut
A3. Heart Over Mind
A4. Why Me, Why Now?
A5. It Could Be You
A6. Alright
B1. Stay Until Summer
B2. Strike a Light
B3. Cocoon
B4. Maybe Someday
B5. The Long Way Home

Digital Bonus Tracks:
1. The Starting Line
2. Can’t Do Right for Wrong
3. Train Off the Track
4. We All Fall Down
5. Might Be the One
6. Go My Own Way
7. Why Me, Why Now? (Bent Vocal Mix)
8. Bad Haircut (Eazy Mix)
9. Why Me, Why Now? (Blu Mar Ten Mix)

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